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Top 5 Skills For Career Development And Growth

The demand for career development skills is on the increase because employers now understand that your qualification alone is no longer enough.

Skills have become one of the criteria for selecting the right candidate for a vacant position.

Employers want to know if you can adapt and be flexible enough or think your way out of problems and proffer solutions with minimum supervision.

So what skills are these you might ask?

Here are the top 5 skills for career development and growth:

  1. Interpersonal Skills – This is the ability to build relationships with people around you It’s an essential skill because it helps you in dealing with suppliers or clients, working in a team and relating with the management in a positive atmosphere.
  2. Communication Skills (Speaking, Listening And Writing) – This is the first set of skills potential employers will notice from the moment they come in contact with you. Your entire interaction from resume to interview will be assessed and the potential employee would determine how good your communication skill is and decide if you will be a good match for them.
  3. Decisions Making And Problem Solving kills – This is high in demand career development skill. It is an ability to identify, review related information as well as complex problems. The only thing that will make you unique in your career is the ability to develop and evaluate options with creative solutions, and above all the ability to rationalize a decision through critical thinking.
  4. Leadership Skills – This is a powerful skill. It’s the ability to guide and inspire the people around you to do the right thing while you monitor their progress. This skill is a great asset for team leaders, project managers or supervisors.
  5. Adaptability/Flexibility Skills – This is the ability to manage and perform multiple assignments at the same time, and more appreciated when you are flexible enough to work under changing conditions. It’s a great career development skill to be able to adapt from one working environment to the other.

There are still more career development skills but the afore-mentioned are highly sought after and critical for getting the jobs of your dreams.

You should, therefore, ensure that you arm yourself with these skills to stand out in the competitive job market.

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