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Top 5 Good Leadership Skills Team Leaders Should Have

Have you empowered yourself with good leadership skills that will help you transform your team?

Do you have what it takes to be a good leader?

Being a good leader sometimes require going the extra mile to learn certain skills that will help you sustain your team.

In the next few lines, we’ll take a look at the top 5 good leadership skills team leaders should have to take their team members to the next level!

Skill #1: Communication skills

Communication involves the ability to send and receive right information. As a leader, you need to be able to convey your information as efficiently as possible to your followers. You also need to be able to understand them and this is achievable when you hone your listening skills.

Skill #2: Integrity

Have you had an experience of a bad leader?  Would you describe the person as not keeping promises, someone who has no regard for people or takes credit for other people’s work! Integrity is a strong component of leadership.

Skill #3: Interpersonal relation

Sean McPheat, a renowned leadership trainer, once gave a platinum rule about interpersonal relationships in his book titled ‘Treat others the way that they would have you treat them’. He advocates treating everyone fairly and this means that your interaction with team members need to be cordial enough to make them reciprocate your gestures.

Skill #4: Manage autocratic attitude

One of the five good leadership skills we’re talking about here is to avoid being too autocratic. As much as it could be very nice for leaders to be autocratic in some situations (e.g. when you need fast results), making it a habit can be disastrous. Autocrats tend to be a bit arrogant and that is one trait a leader shouldn’t have. Striking a balance is key and you should ensure that you keep control.

Skills #5: Reflective learning

Learning what will work, what didn’t work and what could have been done differently is key when complementing good leadership skills. This is the basis of reflective learning. The cycle of the learning process must be continuous. Learning never ends, and as a leader, you need to keep up and evolve with the changes surrounding you.

Have you equipped yourself with the right leadership skills as a leader? How has this transformed your team?

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