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Top 10 Terms Professionals Must Know Before Enrolling For eLearning Courses

Enrolling for eLearning courses is a unique way of learning. It comes with its own set of challenges, but having the basic knowledge of associated terms can be of great help.

Most of these terms often pop up on a regular basis and it is important for you to familiarize yourself with them.

Here are the top 10 terms you should know before enrolling for eLearning courses:

  1. eLearning Authoring Tool – This software could be used by the professionals to create e-Learning courses and online training materials. It features design tools and asset libraries- it may include graphics, images, pre-made interactions and audio which could be uploaded into the eLearning template. This useful tool can deploy and organize eLearning content or upload it into an LMS platform; it helps in reducing development time.
  2. Learning Management System (LMS) – This platform gives you the opportunity of creating, organizing, updating and delivering eLearning courses. Most of these great tools have been reported to have advanced tracking capabilities, that allows you track online learner’s progress, also helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the e-Learning course.
  3. Blended eLearning course –This is an instructional design strategy that combines online training with face-to-face corporate training activities. Here, in supporting face-to-face instruction and vice versa, virtual learning materials are used. This is where the students are asked to watch an online training video before coming to class or complete an online scenario. The tasks and ideas that were covered in the activity will then be discussed during the in-person training session.
  4. Mobile Learning (mLearning) –These are the eLearning materials that the professionals can access via mobile devices. This is an opportunity for a learner to engage in eLearning courses whenever it is convenient for him. This will make them acquire necessary information.
  5. Flipped Classroom –This is an instructional design approach that involves eLearning assessments and self-guided activities that are reinforced in the classroom. This is where students meet their peers in person to have a discussion on their concerns and questions after they’ve completed a certain online module.
  6. Tin Can API –This is also known as “The Experience API”. This is an opportunity for professionals to be able to effectively track the learning objectively once the eLearning course is deployed and create multi-platform eLearning courses.
  7. Standard Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) – This is a popular packaging model created for eLearning content. This is where all eLearning materials are packaged into a SCORM compliant module before uploading it into the LMS; the LMS then delivers and tracks the SCORM eLearning course.
  8. Storyboard – This is a detailed document created at the beginning of an eLearning project. It highlights the entire eLearning course design element from the specific eLearning activities to the learning goals. This unique tool also provides a visual map to track every step a professional must complete from the beginning of the eLearning courses to the end.
  9. Hypertext Markup Language, Version 5(HTML5)-This tool features Microdata markup specifications which allow eLearning professionals to create more targeted eLearning content tags. It also utilizes semantic tags in describing eLearning content. HTML5 is supported by all platforms, mobile devices and browsers.
  10. Rapid Authoring Tool –This is an effective power given to eLearning professionals to create rapid eLearning materials. Tools featured include wizards, asset libraries, templates, interactions and themes. This tool gives the ability to create eLearning scenario or an interactive video using pre-made audio, branch interactions and images.

You should ensure that you familiarize yourself with these terms before enrolling for an eLearning course.  Which of the eLearning terms would you like to know?

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