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How To Assess Online Training Results

Have you ever thought of assessing your online training results but didn’t know how?

Would you like to gauge your performance and determine how much you have gained from your training?

Online training can only be effective when the results can be measured. You wouldn’t know if the energy, resources and time you have put in have yielded great results.

Here are a couple of ways you can use to assess your training results:

  • Does your result meet the goal you wanted to achieve? Check if you were able to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge. The goals of the online training will help in assessing the result. Is it to acquire certain knowledge? Or to improve skills? Or to modify attitudes and behavior? You can measure your results by observing your status before, during and after the online training.
  • Scenario-based tests are also effective in assessing online training results. It allows the learners to show how to apply what they have learned during the training. You can perform specific tasks and observe the outcome. The outcome will help you gauge your performance and rate your results.
  • Make use of built-in analytics learning management systems. This will give you an overall picture of how you are progressing. How often you log in into the system and access the online training and how quickly you complete each module will help you gauge the effectiveness of the online training.

Assessing online training results is an effective way to determine the effectiveness of the training. You should ensure that you are better off than when you started the training otherwise the aim would be defeated!

Have you gotten any great results from an online training?

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