The Art Of Influencing Others

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Influence is a valuable tool of those who are successful. It allows you the authority to affect outcomes in the workplace. But influencing goes beyond positions of power and encompasses more subtle skills like empathy and active listening.  It is rooted in effective communication skills and self-understanding.

Learning how to demonstrate authenticity and integrity through your interactions with others and to have a strong sense of self-awareness lays the groundwork for mastering the art of influence and leads to improved working relationships.

The Art of Influencing Others online course teaches you how to lay the foundations for more effective communication. You will develop creative ways to establish rapport and build relationships through a deeper awareness of the power of non-verbal communication. The purpose of this training is to teach you the skills you need so that others will want to grant you the power to affect outcomes. It emphasizes the qualities that influential people have and gives you an opportunity to assess yourself in these areas.


Course Objectives:

  • Build rapport and develop genuine relationships
  • Improve communication skills to be more effective with others
  • Recognize common barriers to communication
  • Understand and use communication styles to tailor your communications
  • Resolve conflicts

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