Supervisor Communication Skills

Good Communication Is An Essential Activity For Supervisors, Learn How To Overcome Obstacles And Develop The Skills You Need To Achieve That Ideal Day
Being a supervisor means taking on a lot of responsibility. Leaders need to be able to delegate, discipline, move the company forward, and promote key workers. Therefore, if there is a disconnect between a supervisor and his or her employees, there is a huge cost to pay in productivity, team-building, and communication. The Supervisor Communication Skills online course is a valuable tool that allows you to learn the importance of assertive speaking – asking directly for what you need from others without being aggressive. You will discover techniques for holding others accountable while also creating and practicing the art of equitable compromise.  

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the characteristics of assertive behavior and include them in your interactions
  • Ask directly for what you need without being aggressive
  • Confront problem behaviors successfully
  • Hold others accountable and manage conflicts to achieve productive outcomes
  • Deal with difficult people effectively


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