Selling Essentials – What To Ask How To Listen

Learn How To Uncover Customer Needs And Identify Challenges That Customers Have
At one point in selling there is a time to shift the focus to the customer. Salespeople must keep the customer engaged, uncover their needs, learn their decision-making strategies, and know what not to say. They need to know what to ask and how to listen. The Selling Skills:¬†What to Ask and How to Listen online course shows salespeople how to ask the right questions, avoid communication shut downs, maximize business discussions, and learn valuable active listening skills that will move the customer relationship forward. You will be able to identify and implement proven strategies for listening and questioning clients about their business needs, leading to a sale and then focus on maintaining a good relationship.  

Course Objectives:

  • Discover the questions that uncover customer needs
  • Identify customer needs and challenges
  • Learn how to use active listening to better understand customers
  • Develop strategies for business discussions that get results


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