Put It In Writing

How To Prepare, Organize, And Present A Compelling Business Report
Sharing information in the form of a report is part of most workers’ daily responsibilities. Without the right information or the right delivery (both in writing and in person), a report can do more to hinder communication than support it. Many employees struggle with this – producing instead reports that are unorganized, wordy, overly formal or informal, and inconsistently formatted, resulting in unnecessary confusion and a loss of credibility. The Put It In Writing online course teaches you how to create reports that are relevant, organized, credible, and professional. No matter whether the message is intended to help improve work processes, resolve an issue, or encourage a decision, the Put It Writing course will help. You will be given the opportunity to apply the techniques for developing effective reports and hone your skills through numerous writing activities throughout the course. The training closes with practices on converting the content of a written report into a compelling presentation that leaves the audience with a positive impression and clear sense of the next steps.  

Course Objectives:

  • Identify how to prepare the content and structure of your report
  • Discover the elements that make up some of the most common types of reports
  • Learn techniques for making your report clear, credible, professional, and accurate
  • Understand how to best present the content of your report


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