Navigating Difficult Conversations

Learn How To Deliver Your Message With Poise, Empathy, And Resolve
Unfortunately, difficult conversations need to happen in the workplace sometimes. There are situations when someone has to be let go, told that they aren’t being promoted, or receive a poor performance review – these are common scenarios where a hard conversation is necessary. But despite their prevalence, these kinds of conversations don't have to be feared or dreaded – rather, they can be handled in such a way that increases self-confidence and encourages an environment of positivity. Navigating Difficult Conversations introduces you to a seven-stage process for taking control in tricky situations and minimizing negative backlash to affect an environment of reduced stress, increased trust, improved relationships, and higher productivity. With realistic examples and role-playing activities, this online course helps you to prepare, carry-out, and close difficult conversations in the most productive manner. It leads you to embrace – rather than fear – confrontation and produces long-lasting benefits for you, the employees and the organization.  

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the nature of difficult conversations and what it takes to handle them
  • Identify the seven stages of handling difficult conversations
  • Use empathy in a way that minimizes negative responses and strengthens relationships
  • Apply best practices for preparing, initiating, and delivering the conversation
  • Discover how to generate solutions and bring the conversation to a close


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