Mentoring 101

Discover The Keys To A Successful Mentor - Mentee Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, mentoring is not simply an occasion where an older employee imparts all of their invaluable wisdom upon a younger, lesser experienced colleague. To make the mentoring relationship a success, there must be reciprocally tangible and intangible benefits for both the mentee and mentor

A study by Gartner found that mentoring resulted in a higher rate of promotions and salary increases for both mentees and mentors as compared to those who did not participate in any mentoring relationship. But both people need to work to make the relationship a success, and it takes consistent communication, respect, and ownership at both ends.

Mentoring 101 teaches you how to ask the right questions, set up expectations, and establish measurements of success to ensure the relationship is valuable for both parties. This online course shows you how to establish and maintain a successful mentoring relationship from both the perspective of a mentor and a mentee and learns you how to ensure you gain the most from the opportunity.


Course Objectives:

  • Identify the elements of a good mentoring match
  • Recognize the mentee's responsibilities in the mentoring relationship
  • Deliver constructive criticism to help a mentee improve their abilities
  • Handle issues in the mentoring relationship
  • Successfully move beyond the mentoring relationship