How To Make Them More Efficient And Effective
On an average day, there are 17 million meetings in the U.S. Yet statistics show that only 53 percent of meeting time is spent actually discussing agenda items, while the rest of the time goes to unproductive unplanned issues. Needless to say, meetings have a bad reputation as a waste of time. Despite this, meetings are necessary and can be extremely effective. The key is planning and preparation. Meetings that are planned and facilitated well give participants a sense of accomplishment and a sense that their time was well spent. In the "Meetings: How to Make Them More Efficient and Effective" online course, you will learn and develop the skills for ensuring that meetings are an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage to both employees and organizations alike. Successful completion of this training will increase your knowledge and ability to effectively prepare for meetings.  

Course Objectives:

  • Learn ways to change your mindset about meetings
  • Eliminate habits that make meetings unproductive
  • Identify alternatives to holding traditional meetings
  • Demonstrate effective facilitation skills
  • Ensure that every meeting ends with actionable items


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