Listening With Intent

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Being a great listener is essential at work. If someone shows a sincere desire to understand what others have to say, has an open mind, and is willing to have their assumptions and conclusions about others’ messages corrected, they show the signs of being an active listener. Benefits and results of good listening skills include minimizing misunderstandings, encouraging open communication, increasing cooperation, and collaborative problem solving.

The Listening with Intent online course teaches you how to master the skills of active listening. You will learn how to connect with the speaker, how to collect information by paying attention to the context of their message, how to reach an unbiased conclusion about what you learned from what they said, and last, how to understand common situations that block active listening.


Course Objectives:

  • Explore the process of active listening
  • Identify personal filters that create obstacles to active listening
  • Understand cultural differences that form barriers to active listening
  • Discover ways to practice active listening in a conflict
  • Implement steps to regain the listener’s attention when it wavers

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