Fire Safety At Work

The Basics Of Fire Safety. Learn How To Recognize And Prevent Fire Hazards.

In this fire safety e-learning course you will gain the knowledge and understanding required to ensure you can act safely in the event of a fire as well as being able to apply principles that will help reduce the likelihood of fire occurring in the first place.

The fire safety e-learning course is essential OHSA health safety training. While some professions may be more at risk of fire incidents, the truth is everyone in all types of roles have a role to play in ensuring fire safety practices are a normal part of day to day work.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to appreciate why fire safety is important and how it can be prevented
  • Understand the typical fire risks in the workplace, how it can spread and how fires are extinguished
  • Know what to do when fire occurs, what different signs mean and how to ensure the safety of everyone
  • Develop an understanding of fire regulations and the different roles of people during fires
  • Help create a culture of positive fire safety practice in the workplace


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