Electricity At Work

How You Can Help To Prevent Electric Shock At Work

Electricity is a familiar and necessary part of everyday life, but every year accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported to the authorities. There are simple precautions that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of electrical injury to you, and others around you, when working with, or near electricity.

In this electricity at work e-learning course you will gain the knowledge and understanding required to ensure you can act safely when working with electricity as well as being able to apply principles that will help reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring in the workplace.

The e-learning course is interactive helping to make the learning easy and interesting to follow. It’s a great way of learning the important principles of electricity at work.​

The electricity at work e-learning course is essential health safety training. While some professions may be more at risk of incidents from working with electricity, the truth is everyone in all types of roles have a role to play in ensuring good electrical safety practices are a normal part of day to day work.

Course Objectives

  • You’ll learn to appreciate why electrical safety is important and how accidents can be prevented
  • You’ll understand the typical electrical risks in the workplace
  • You’ll know what to do when accident occurs, reducing the danger of further incident
  • You’ll have an understanding of PAT testing and the different roles of people in reporting concerns with equipment
  • You’ll help create a culture of positive health and safety practice in the workplace


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