Cultural Competency

Respecting Shared Values, Traditions, Norms, Customs, Art, History, Folklore, And Institutions Of A Specific Group Of People
Diversity is growing in the workplace. Most workplaces now have employees from many parts of the world and there in an increased need for you to have a cultural understanding. Culture is the shared values, traditions, norms, customs, art, history, folklore and institutions of a specific group of people. This Cultural competency online course teaches you how to have the willingness and ability to interact respectfully and effectively with individuals and groups, acknowledging the common and different elements of our cultural identities. The result is words and actions that recognize, affirm and value the worth of individuals and communities and protect and preserve the dignity of each.  

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the elements of cultural competence in the workplace
  • Increase understanding of one’s own culture and how it affects perceptions of other cultures
  • Recognize the three dimensions of cultural awareness when interacting with other cultures
  • Develop the skills needed to practice respectful and caring behavior toward culturally diverse individuals and groups
  • Adapt behaviors that support cultural competency and minimize behaviors that undermine it


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