Adult Learning – Physical Skills

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Bloom’s Taxonomy is not just for elementary school teachers. The three domains of the taxonomy apply to adult education as well. In this online e-learning training course, we pay attention to the psychomotor domain.

Psychomotor learning is the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movement. Psychomotor learning is demonstrated by physical skills such as movement, coordination, manipulation, dexterity, grace, strength, speed—actions which demonstrate the fine motor skills, such as the use of precision instruments or tools. This is the domain of action and physicality. It is important to remember that psychomotor works together with the other domains when implementing it.

With the Adult Learning – Physical Skills e-learning training course, you will discover how to better navigate the physical environment. A better understanding of what drives the coordination of physical skills provides incredible benefits to both a trainer and the learner.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Explain the psychomotor domain
  • Explore the different psychomotor taxonomies
  • Explain ways to implement training in the psychomotor domain
  • Identify psychomotor activities

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