How To Improve Employee Development For Organizational Growth

How To Improve Employee Development For Organizational Growth

A lot of organizations in the United States spend millions of dollars every year towards employee development programs to enhance their productivity and advancement. Employee development is essential for any company that plans to stay relevant for a long time to come. Although a majority – not all – of companies in the U.S. appear to be less concerned about the growth of their employees regarding productivity, it is crucial to note employee development is a long-lasting initiative. The benefits are enormous and can result in an increase in loyalty as well as engagement and performance of workers in that organization. Here are a few ways you can adapt to improve employee development in your organization:

  • Availability of adaptable learning options – The universal use of mobile gadgets or devices makes it easier for you to design your employee development programs such that employees can access them on their mobile devices 24/7.

Programs that are delivered digitally are preferred universally as it eliminates the cost of training equipment or classrooms. Digital programs allow your workers to engage with the program at their own time on their mobile devices.

  • Offer different learning options – No one individual learns the same way as another. This could be as a result of either age, generation or how technologically advanced – or not – that individual might be.

So, endeavor to create different learning options for your employees so that they can have the opportunity of choosing the learning option that appeals to them the most.

  • Track the results – You should also track the progress of your employees to determine what is working as well as what needs to be tweaked to deliver better results.

You can create a short survey which your employees can answer so that you can get their information about whether or not you need to improve your employee training program. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and ensure that your employees are at their best always!

Top 10 Terms Professionals Must Know Before Enrolling For eLearning Courses

Top 10 Terms Professionals Must Know Before Enrolling For eLearning Courses

Enrolling for eLearning courses is a unique way of learning. It comes with its own set of challenges, but having the basic knowledge of associated terms can be of great help.

Most of these terms often pop up on a regular basis and it is important for you to familiarize yourself with them.

Here are the top 10 terms you should know before enrolling for eLearning courses:

  1. eLearning Authoring Tool – This software could be used by the professionals to create e-Learning courses and online training materials. It features design tools and asset libraries- it may include graphics, images, pre-made interactions and audio which could be uploaded into the eLearning template. This useful tool can deploy and organize eLearning content or upload it into an LMS platform; it helps in reducing development time.
  2. Learning Management System (LMS) – This platform gives you the opportunity of creating, organizing, updating and delivering eLearning courses. Most of these great tools have been reported to have advanced tracking capabilities, that allows you track online learner’s progress, also helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the e-Learning course.
  3. Blended eLearning course –This is an instructional design strategy that combines online training with face-to-face corporate training activities. Here, in supporting face-to-face instruction and vice versa, virtual learning materials are used. This is where the students are asked to watch an online training video before coming to class or complete an online scenario. The tasks and ideas that were covered in the activity will then be discussed during the in-person training session.
  4. Mobile Learning (mLearning) –These are the eLearning materials that the professionals can access via mobile devices. This is an opportunity for a learner to engage in eLearning courses whenever it is convenient for him. This will make them acquire necessary information.
  5. Flipped Classroom –This is an instructional design approach that involves eLearning assessments and self-guided activities that are reinforced in the classroom. This is where students meet their peers in person to have a discussion on their concerns and questions after they’ve completed a certain online module.
  6. Tin Can API –This is also known as “The Experience API”. This is an opportunity for professionals to be able to effectively track the learning objectively once the eLearning course is deployed and create multi-platform eLearning courses.
  7. Standard Content Object Reference Model(SCORM) – This is a popular packaging model created for eLearning content. This is where all eLearning materials are packaged into a SCORM compliant module before uploading it into the LMS; the LMS then delivers and tracks the SCORM eLearning course.
  8. Storyboard – This is a detailed document created at the beginning of an eLearning project. It highlights the entire eLearning course design element from the specific eLearning activities to the learning goals. This unique tool also provides a visual map to track every step a professional must complete from the beginning of the eLearning courses to the end.
  9. Hypertext Markup Language, Version 5(HTML5)-This tool features Microdata markup specifications which allow eLearning professionals to create more targeted eLearning content tags. It also utilizes semantic tags in describing eLearning content. HTML5 is supported by all platforms, mobile devices and browsers.
  10. Rapid Authoring Tool –This is an effective power given to eLearning professionals to create rapid eLearning materials. Tools featured include wizards, asset libraries, templates, interactions and themes. This tool gives the ability to create eLearning scenario or an interactive video using pre-made audio, branch interactions and images.

You should ensure that you familiarize yourself with these terms before enrolling for an eLearning course.  Which of the eLearning terms would you like to know? Share it with us in the comments

How To Find The Right Professional Online Course

How To Find The Right Professional Online Course

Finding the right professional online course can sometimes be challenging but not impossible!

Finding the right is however very important because it will serve as the boost you need for your career.

So, let’s take a look at some great tips for finding the right professional online course

  • What do you want in a course?

This is where you decide on what you really want in a course. Do you want a course endorsed by a professional body? Or a course that will improve your skills for work? Or a course that will just help you pass the time? Do you have a particular topic you want to study? How much can you spend in the professional online course?

These are some of the questions you have to provide answers to before you start searching for the course. It will help you in establishing the exact thing you want or need from the course.

  • Browse the course

Now that you have the clearer idea of what you want and need from a course, spend some time exploring online courses related to your ideas. Look through the categories of the course pages.

This is an opportunity for you to choose a course that matches your criteria. You will surely discover several courses that are related to your course idea.

  • Thoroughly read the course descriptions

This is a very important step. This is where you are expected to know what the course is all about, understand what’s on the syllabus and see what you are going to learn at the end of the course.

This is where you find out if the course is right for you and if it’s the right level for you; because most professional online courses have a range of courses level from professionals, intermediate and beginners.

  • Use the criteria to narrow down your choices

This is where you decide the course that best meets your needs. Now that you are familiar with whom the courses are for and the topics it will cover, you need to check them with the step one criteria you’ve set out.

Do you find a few courses that meet the criteria? You now need to judge and pick the one that is more relevant, affordable and fits your schedule.

  • Get started!

You’ve done everything you need to do – have the ideas of what you need from the course; you’ve browsed and checked the criteria. And if they’ve all gone as planned – picked the course, the right source online and have a course lined up. The only thing left is to get started!

Finding and choosing the right professional online course is not an easy task but an interesting and educating experience. Go ahead and hunt for the right course for you and move up your career today!


5 Types Of Employee Training Courses For Organizational Growth

5 Types Of Employee Training Courses For Organizational Growth

The structure of employee training courses is crucial to the growth of any organization, and employees need to get the necessary training that will enhance their performance.

Employees have to keep up with the trends of the industry if they are expected to perform excellently.

When employees are properly trained, it translates into quality service, better customer satisfaction and profit for the organization.

Here are 5 types of employee training courses that can boost organizational growth:

  1. Soft skills development training

Soft skills equip employees and permit them to interact effectively with others (management, customers, and their colleagues) in the workplace.

This employee training course is an effective way to build an efficient and collaborative culture, which often affects the bottom line; it is a useful training for both existing and new employees.

  1. Mandatory Training Courses

These are training that is sensitive and compulsory for employees. They include health and safety training, alcohol-safety training and sexual harassment training among others.

The training is often available and accessible online, which makes it easier to attend.

  1. Presentation Skills

Every organization operates and advances based on the reports and plans put into consideration when planning for the future.

Getting information across to team members requires one critical skill – presentation skill.

To get the big data, strategies and reports across to everyone involved, you need to have great presentation skills to relay the content of your messaging properly.

  1. Technical Training Courses

Technical-based employee training courses create room for improvement and it covers things like SOP development, social media management, content writing and a host of others.

Technical training is essential for the most sensitive aspects of the organizations and the training is delicate, hence the need t deliver it perfectly.

  1. Onboarding Employee Training

This is a department based that spans a longer period of time. Its main goal is to enable new employees to successfully settle into their new roles. It’s usually prepared by the department or team leaders with a focus on connecting the employees with the company’s overall objectives and departmental goals.

Have you decided on the most relevant training for your employees this year? How has it impacted your organization? Share it with us in the comments section.

Free Vs. Paid Professional Development Courses

Free Vs. Paid Professional Development Courses

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in your career or a veteran manager in your profession, the truth remains that if you want to stay relevant at your workplace, you need to stay up-to-date, either by taking free or paid professional development courses.

This is the primary reason why professional development courses across are springing up both online and offline.

Enrolling in professional development courses can sometimes be expensive and beyond the financial reach of professionals. This has kept many professionals from forging ahead in their career.

But not to worry there is always a way out!

There are lots of free and paid professional development courses which you can take advantage of that will not only help you get certified but will also help you stay up-to-date with the happenings in your industry.

The issue about the authenticity of free professional development courses as against its paid counterpart has become a hot debate in many quarters online and even offline.

While some argue that free online classes do not have any premium offers to give their participants, many who have enjoyed the benefits provided by the free development courses are of the opinion that it has helped them in their careers.

But one thing is glaring in this scenario, though; most free professional development courses can only offer so much, and nothing more. The paid options give participants access to premium features, tools, and online legitimacy which far surpasses the free option.

Whether you decide to go for free professional development courses or the paid option, you should always strive for excellence in your field so that you don’t get left behind with the emergence of new technology in your area of interest.

How To Determine The Professional Development Certificate That Is Right For You

How To Determine The Professional Development Certificate That Is Right For You

Have you been looking for the right training to boost your career with a professional development certificate?

Have you enrolled in any professional training recently to help you achieve that?

Determining the right professional development certificate that will boost your career can sometimes be challenging.

People enrol for these programs for different reasons. However, you need to understand that picking one that is aligned with your career path is key and should be put into consideration.

Here are a couple of tips for picking the right training:

  • Assess your performance and decide on where you need to improve then use that to select the right training for you. For example, do you lack self-confidence? Then you should enrol for professional development training that will help you build your confidence.
  • You can shape the development of your career by choosing the certificate that is related to your career progress. If you wish to move on to another speciality, then you can enrol for a professional development certificate that will support and prove your competency in the new speciality.
  • Professional development certificates will also help you break up the monotony of everyday work and renew your creativity. Ensure that you select the one that will force you out of your comfort zone and get you to improve.
  • Do you need new ideas and perspectives on certain issues? Then you should consider professional development certificate that will help you achieve that Training backed up by certification allows you learn new ideas from other professionals as they share their experiences.

These certificates are important and helpful especially when you looking for a job. Some employers look for these certifications when hiring, while others prefer to hire someone who has completed these types of training.

With professional development certificates, you have the edge you need to outshine other candidates in the job market. Which professional development certificate have you obtained recently? Share it with us in the comments!


How To Find Professional Development Events That Will Boost Your Career

How To Find Professional Development Events That Will Boost Your Career

Professional development events serve as a great opportunity for you to advance your career.

It consists of mentoring and educative sessions that can help you stay up-to-date with the trends in your profession.

Most professional development events, however, take place outside your work environment. Therefore, you need to either step out of your comfort zone or get training online to meet up with your goals.

Where then can you find professional development events that will boost your careers?

  1. College boards – This is one of the unique but overlooked ways to find professional events. College boards often have several displays of professional development events as it relates to that school.
  2. Workshops – Local, National, International, and Online – Another great way is through workshops when you attend one, you get to hear about others that are upcoming. It’s also an effective means of meeting people and networking. This is where you connect with like-minds.
  3. Conferences and seminars–Conferences open your eyes and mind to latest trends in your career; and give you the opportunity of knowing the next events that will help you in boosting your career.
  4. Networking – Who are your friends? Connect with people that are hungry for a boost in their career; they will inform you about any professional development events that will be of huge benefit to your career.
  5. Online – Search for the events online and you will be amazed at how much you’ve missed. Most of these events locally, nationally and internationally are online. Everything you need to know about the events is made readily available. You can even send personal questions to the organizers if you are not clear about the event.

Professional development events will make you learn new skills, gain recognized qualifications and move you closer to your career goals.

Make use of these tips for finding relevant professional events and you will experience a positive career push.

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